April 22, 2011

My Spinal Cord Traversed by the Axis of the Planet


Head Gallery invites you to My Spinal Cord Traversed by the Axis of the Planet, an exhibition that "exists" as a stream of indeterminate white-code, punctuated by a series of contingent meaning-units (postulated artworks), moving through the directionless plenum and time-bends against which orbital space shores up. It accelerates in an abyssal "vertical" plunge, masked as an effort to trace the abstract lineaments of a post-solar gravitational vacuum. It's total illusory narrativizing or phantasmic integument-production as refusal to accept the coming meltdown, absolute material dissolution. The end of the mesh, networkscapes, Spirit, objects, Real. An ultimate context of no-context. The white-code speeds through deep space in a mock mission of alien contact as parody of the futile galactic transversality wish-work of uploaded and deep-stored consciousness. Like the white-code, emancipated from the gravitational slavery of the terrestrial, uploaded and catapulted consciousness as survival mechanism is left to spin in the vortex of its own unimaginative existence as solution to anything. A mixture of self-generated binary couplets, DNA string sequencing, ancient Latin, Koranic braille, cthulhic runes, pre-dessiac hieroglyph, and Zoroastrian symbols, the white-code and the meaning-units it pulls along are mathematics breaking down in the dissipative zoom of matter, "measured" by a better instrument than the metric regimes of biomass prejudice. The Axis of the Planet Traversed by the Inviolable Linearity of the Dissipative Drive of Matter and Energy.

18 April to 11 June

Ray Brassier, Eileen Joy, Dean Kenning, Rachel Kushner, Patricia MacCormack, Nicola Masciandaro, China MiƩville, Reza Negarestani, Benjamin Noys, Nina Power, Hillary Raphael and Evan Calder Williams.

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